Credits For Etix Release 0.1

These Peoples are who help me when I works,

Thanks to

  1. STMIK AKAKOM , my campus

  2. Mr Bambang Purnomosidi , my lecture

  3. Etiek Dwi WS , for all the magic I  can make Etix Linux distro so far.

  4. Dodi Abdurrahman, for all the help in my everyday life and for the good advices

  5. Tarbiyatun Nadirah, for all the kinds and support.

  6. To all Wamikaniesse ,Eko nugroho a.k.a kataq, Mr Muadz, Mr Ali, Mr Casmadi, Hayi Nukman and all my friends.

Special thank to

My Parents and my Family. Eko Rona Adinta a.k.a legolas a.ka touranku for all Heroes series, so my brain stay cool :-) Mr Fath, Sandri, Nugi,Mr Jun  and mr Yuan, people who introduce me about linux and
the linux magic and for all my friend in AKAKOM and for all the people who really -really  I miss. Thanks for the support.


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